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If i have a dismissed possession of paraphernalia ticket and if i apply for deferred action well there be a problem ?

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in January of 2012 my friend was pulled over for a traffic infraction but since he had no license and was 17 at that time , the police had the right of searching the car so when the police searched the car they found marijuana and cocaine so he confessed to the drugs and when i got searched they found a rolled dollar bill in my sweater , so we got booked to the police station , since i have no legal lawful status in the u . s . i was able to get deported for the paraphernalia charge , so vie obtained an attorney and right before my first court meeting i was notified by my attorney that my case was dismissed and no charges were charged against me , now after my first incident with the law , vie graduated from college with my AA and stayed clean , if i apply for differed action will i be den

will i be denied eventhough ive never been charged or found guilty of a crime? i meet the deffered action critiria the only problem is the dismissed paraphernalia ticket

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You would appear to qualify for deferred action, but to on the safe side, you should be consulting with an experienced immigration attorney.


From the facts you present, this incident may not be a barrier. However, you should consult an experienced immigration attorney with all of the facts of your case.

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See an immigration attorney.


Copy and paste this question in the practice area "immigration."

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