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If I have 1m in credit card debt and decide not to file bankruptcy , what happens ? If i dont dispute the card company

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If I don't dispute card companies
And don't file bankruptcy
What can the do to me ?
I own my car and home. No debt.
I have a s corporation, I'm the only share
holder. I'm married. My wife is not on the cards or company.
I faves perfect credit before this default
The default is due to an additional card holder who frauded me and charged on his card after being told not to in writing
Stuck me with 1.2 mm in card debt.

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If the cards are yours personally or for the busines and backed your personal guaranty, there may be strategies you can use to deal with the debt without bankruptcy. You would be at risk of collection suits by the various creditors for 4 years after your first missed payment, but that possibility is contemplated in the overall strategy. You can call me for a free consultation.

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If you have only $1,000 ($1k=$1,000) in credit card debt, you can likely pay it, settle it or make installments which would be less that the trouble that having years of collections and possible judgment would cost you. The property you mention appears exempt, but the inconvenience of a judgment being valid for 10 years and possibly renewed for another 10 years, could interfere with buying real estate or other financial transactions.
If you have $1,200,000 of debt, ($1M = $1,000,000), then consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to file chapter.
The problem appears with the additional card holder, who may be sued for their unauthorized actions.
Good luck

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Call me naive; but, after 27 years of handling bankruptcies, as well as other types of law, I have never heard of a credit limit THAT HIGH on one credit card. Your S Corp must have assets, which would be at risk if the creditor executed on a judgment.

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I million and they sue you, (which they will) you will be faced with years of litigation, writs of garnishment, motions for turnover, and thousand of dollars in attorney fees. Either move to Mexico or file a bankruptcy.

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