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If I got arrested for a DUI in a different county and posted bond, and got out and then tell my probation officer will he jail

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Do you have any other violations during your probation period? If not, your probation officer likely won't care that much. If your probation officer wants to be a pain, he can try to give you more jail time, but you are entitled to a bench trial before your probation is violated. For DUIs, you definitely need to talk to a lawyer. Tell your lawyer about this, and he will minimize the damage resulting from the DUI case and the potential probation violation.


First, I do not practice law in Ohama, NE, however I am a criminal defense attorney in Arizona where DUI’s are very common. Typically, in Arizona, if you posted a bond on a case and then were subsequently jailed on a probation violation case you would not lose your bond unless you failed to appear for a hearing on the new case. If you are seriously concerned that your probation officer is going to violate your probation and have you arrested I would suggest obtaining legal counsel in the DUI case as soon as possible so that if you are taken into custody that attorney can inform the court of your whereabouts and hopefully get your bond exonerated so you don’t lose it.

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