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If I got a same-sex marriage in another state 2010 and now divorcing in Illinois where it is a civil union as of July this year.

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Married in Connecticut in 2010. Illinois Civil Union law passed July 1.

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What is your question?


If your question is where can you divorce, the answer is here. The Illinois Civil Union law
granted Illinois courts jurisdiction to issue judgments of dissolution to same-sex couples who were married in other states prior to Illinois civil union law.

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If your question is whether you can get a divorce in IL, the answer is YES. This assumes that IL has the necessary jurisdiction.

The Civil Union law in IL was passed before July of 2012.


AND soon in Illinois you may be able to actually get married (or remarried as the case may be) as a same sex couple - not just a civil union. I just wrote a brief article on how that legislation is progressing.

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