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If i got a pedicure and the person that gave me it did not tell me he cut me can i do something about it?

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got a pedicure and when i started to walk after it my heal was hurting when i got home, i looked the bottom of my foot and it was all cut up the person that gave me it, they didn't say anything to me or any thing and i went to pay and i was ignored for 5 min and still nothing so i paid and left now the bottom of my right foot i can barely walk on it.

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Yes, this is potentially a solid but small case. What are your damages? Did you have to see a doctor? Any lost wages?
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You probably got cut accidentally. Unfortunately, this can happen.

The bigger issue is your injury is very minor and not permanent so the value of any claim you'd assert against the pedicurist is so minimal as to not be worth bothering with.

Hope you'll be fine soon!

Stephen L. Hoffman
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Yes, consult with a personal injury attorney in your area immediately.


Get a bandaid and ice it. If you really want to sue, use small claims court.


whether he told you or not should not affect whether you can do something or pursue him for damages. Is there a reason you did not know why someone cut you when they did it? If you have a problem, see a doctor. If there is real damage, then see a lawyer to discuss pursuing a claim. The question is whether they did something wrong, it can be proven and what damage occurred. Need to provide more information to answer these questions.


If it is serious, get medical treatment, and have a local personal injury lawyer investigate.


See your doctor if it is still bothering you. Some nail spas do not follow good sanitizing procedures with their instruments and this can cause a minor cut to get badly infected. If you get medical treatment and find out you have an infection you might want to contact a personal injury attorney. Pedicurists are licensed and regulated by the state and it is important to report injuries and potentially bad sanitation practices because such practices pose a danger to the health of the public. Good luck!

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