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If I got a moving violation while I was parked would they leave a ticket on my windshield?

Tampa, FL |

I california stopped today in a parking lot and parked & went in a restaurant for lunch before a policeman (without lights) could stop or talk to me. Someone saw me duck when he drove by as I was walking in and they let him know that I went in the restaurant. He then came in and looked for me and waited for 20 minutes (stood right next to me at one point).. I just finished my lunch and he left before I was done (he didn't recognize me). If he took my plate number down can he still give me a ticket (probably yes)? If he was going to give me a ticket he would have left it on my car right? What are the odds of winning the case in court?

They didn't leave me a ticket at all... keep that in mind. I think Justin may indicated that they did leave a ticket when in fact, they didn't. Will I still get one in the mail?

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You cannot recieve a moving violation while you are parked as the officer must see you and pull you. If a ticket were to come in the mail, the officer would need to make sure the other party was subpoenaed and that is not going to happen short of an accident.
How would he id you? How would he be able to get your dl and insurance card? He would have to be an idiot to ticket you under these circumstances.


The officer doesn't need you to sign the ticket in order to issue one. There are times when people refuse to sign a ticket thinking that they're admitting guilt by signing the ticket but actually you're just showing the clerk that you have notice that it was issued. The ticket will still go through however, there is a small issue of notice since it was just left on the vehicle. You may want to hire an attorney since it seems the officer may have lost a visual on you as well.


You could certainly win the case but you won't be able to do it on your own. You can win because the cop has to prove identity and if a lawyer goes to court then he probably can't prove identity whereas if you go, he will immediately identify you. I suggest you contact an attorney, so if you wish to contact me at my website below, feel free to anytime.