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If I got a dui in florida with florida license. If I go to reinstate Texas license will florida dui show up?

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My Texas license was stolen two years ago but never reported. I just got a Florida license instead. Can I reinstate Texas license...Texas insurance is much less expensive. I took level 2 DUI courses, have completed everything assigned by court, florida suspension is just about up, I will wait until Florida license is reinstated.

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It is important to know that both Florida and Texas are part of the interstate drivers license compact. That compact is an agreement between 45 participating states to share information regarding's certain types of convictions including DUI and DWI convictions.
That being said a DUI conviction in Florida should appear when applying for a Texas drivers license. However, after practicing DUI defense for the past 20 years in Florida I've had numerous clients that have obtained Texas drivers licenses without their DUI conviction in Florida showing up especially if they had a Texas drivers license at that time or before.
The correct answer is the Florida conviction should show up, however there's a likelihood it may not in Texas and they will issue you a driver's license and your insurance will be less expensive.


Typically when you renew your driver's license they ask you if you driving privilege has ever been suspended in any jurisdiction. In addition, Texas DMV will have access to Florida DMV records via computer. Finally most if not all states require that you reside in the state at least 6 months out of the year in order to be eligible for a state license. Good Luck!


Almost every state if not every state is on the same system now and will see what happens in other states. So short answer is yes.

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Your exactly correct. once your Florida license is reinstated, you may apply for a Texas license. Residency only requires 90 days to establish.