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If i go to jail in the state of texas and have warrants in another will they be notified?

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i was arrested on 3 occasians in ca for dui in the early 80s i now have 1 in the state of texas and looking at jail time. Will texas notify the state of ca prior to my release?

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Yes, if you have an open warrant in another state like California they will be notified. Nevertheless, since it seems like you made bond I doubt that the warrant is valid and/or that they seek extradiction. You should also post the same question in the California forum.

Moreover, if you have two prior convictions in California you may be facing a felony in the state of Texas. Please keep in mind that you are presumed to be innocen of these charges. There a lot of consequences with a DWI that people do not take account. You should contact a Houston DWI Attorney to assist you with this case.

Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.


California will be notified, but the timing of the notice is what you should be concerned about. If you still have open warrants in Texas and do any jail time, depending on whether the originating State, in this case, CA files a detainer on you while in Texas jail, you may or may not be able to get out of Texas jail on your own. In other words, other State have no obligation to file a timely detainer. They can wait until; the day before you are scheduled to be released form Texas and then you will sit in jail either waiting to be extradicted or until CA withdraws the detainer. Certain timelines apply to that but you don't want to be waiting in a Texas jail thinking that the time you spend there is being credited by CA. It won't be and you are not entitled to the credit for CA for the time spent in Texas jail UNLESS that detainer is placed on you. Be smart. Hire a lawyer. That lawyer should make sure that CA knoews you are in Texas jail and they will be forced to swiftly make a decision about extradicting you. Meanwhile you will be obtaining credit for the time spent in jail in Texas on the CA charges.