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If I go on the run from juevenile probation what happens when I turn 18

Kingman, AZ |

hi I just turned 17 im on probation and I recently failed a drug test for marijuana this has happened a lot but this time they are going to violate my probation and send me to juvy until im 18, if I went on the run until I was 18 would the warrant or charges be dropped im not sure how the statue of limitation applies to this or how it applies to juveniles, I would much rather hide for a year than be in juvy for a year ive been there once and that place is horrible

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I don't. Know a lawyer who would advise their client to become a fugitive. Your question about statute of limitations, that applies to how long the State has to bring charges against you



i know but does a probation violation have a statue of limitation since it is not actually a charge and does a warrant for arrest have these limitations


NOBODY on this site would ever recommend that you "run" from probation. This problem will not go away just because you turn 18. Contact the attorney who handled your original juvenile case. Running is the worst option.

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Although I am not a licensed attorney in Arizona, nor do I know the specifics of your situation, I can tell you, without a doubt, if you go on the run from juvenile probation, you're going to end up in a lot more trouble. No matter the circumstances, it's never a good idea to violate probation or go on the run. If you have specific questions, you should consult an attorney licensed in Arizona.


First, stop and breath. Then try to put it all in perspective. If you have not been violated, you cannot possibly know the consequences. Talk to your attorney about what you want. You always have options. That being said, you may be opting for consequences that you don't want by continuing the same actions. You need to decide if smoking pot
is worth running, jail, prison or losing other freedoms. There are many options in juvenile court but you have to be interested in outcome.

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