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If i give up my parental rights, will i still have to pay child support to my ex?

Lagrange, GA |

my ex tricked me into signing the divorce papers and she has me paying her a high amount for 2 kids. My x and i were seperated for 5 years w/o any intimacy from her and she always got my income b/c i thought it was best for her and kids. but b/c we lived seperatly bc it was her choice i have hardly been in their lives and in the last 6 yrs ive seen them maybe 5 times. all she wants is money and i dont know my kids, i love them but i think its best if i give up parental rights . Its not just about the money but she doesnt let me see the kids anyway and she knows ive never had a drivers license and she has to bring them to see me and wont. please help.

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Generally a court will not let you surrender your parental rights in order for you to avoid child support. The court looks at the best interest of the children.


I am a family lawyer licensed in Georgia.

You had the right to seek legal counsel during the divorce to properly advise you. First, if you want to see your children you should have sought visitation during the divorce action. Nevertheless, it is not too late to petition the court to visit your children. In the petition, you can inform the court of the lack of transportion. The judge may make concessions and order your ex to bring the children to you.

Finally, unless your ex is married and the new husband adopts the children, it is very unlikely that you can simply renounce your children.

I don't practice in your area of Georgia. However, you should seek legal assistance regarding the child support and visitation.

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