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If I give my tenant a 60 day notice and then realize it is the wrong notice , can I give them the corrector one ?

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I gave my tenant a 60 day notice . It is the wrong notice . Can I give him a d one that is correct stating the d one supersedes the other ?

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Yes, you definitely should serve a corrected notice and have it state clearly that it supersedes the previous one. (Your post doesn't indicate why you conclude the notice you served was the wrong notice.)

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The tenants initially agreed they would be leaving as they did not pay the last 2 months and I did not want to file a UD I just wanted to make certain I gave them the notice to cover myself. But the property is under rent control so to avoid their attempt to obtain relocation assistance I am going to have serve another notice


Yes; otherwise, whatever is wrong about the initial notice can be used in UD court as a defense.


Yes. You can replace the defective notice with a new corrected notice. Of course, the clock starts with proper delivery of the new notice.


Absolutely yes.

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