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If I give my rights towards my child will I still need to pay child support?

College Station, TX |

I live in Texas & my daughter In Florida with her father & step mom, she end up sueing me! I was already paying child support but, now I got a letter saying I have to pay more! I'm so frustrated with this, I'm not allowed to talk to my daughter & I want to know what will happen if I give my rights please help.

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The duty of support owed by a parent generally ends when the parent-child relationship is terminated by court order. Also termination of the parent-child relationship usually supersedes any existing orders for child support. Voluntarily terminating your parental rights is an extremely serious matter and you should carefully consider its consequences. In addition to ending the duty to support your daughter, voluntarily terminating your rights ends most other legal rights and duties. There may also be other methods for relief available to you without having to terminate your parental rights such as seeking a reduction in your child support obligation. You should definitely contact an attorney before making the decision to voluntarily terminate your parental rights.