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If I get married will I lose my social security benefits

Rialto, CA |

I collect social security nbenifits because I am disabled caused by a drive by shooting which left me totally disabled in my left hand and arm. If I was to get married would I lose my benifits?

my dad died when i was little so i get social security from him. if i decide to get married this summer will i lose that

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The answer is : it depends. If you are receiving SSDI benefits (Social Security Disability Income) then marriage will not cause any loss of benefits. The reason is that you qualified based on your earnings record over a certain time period set by law. It is not based on your current assets or financial needs whatsoever. Of course being disabled means you are not employable and this can, from time to time, be reviewed by the Social Security Administration. However if you are receiving a disability called SSI (Supplemental Security Income) then this disability benefit can be affected by marriage. It is based on low income/assets and as such the income/assets of your spouse may affect your benefits. In a sense it is a disability for the financially needy based on being disabled by the rules set by the agency. It will consider your spouse's income as SSI is for the financially needy disabled. I would encourage you to check at the Social Security Administration. You can also find much information at the SSA website.