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If i get married while i draw a disability check will my check be affected if she has no income and will she be able to draw a c

Florence, AL |

im wanting to know if i get married with me drawing disability will getting married affect the amount i draw and will she be able to draw a check like my son does

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We're going to need a bit more information. For example, are you getting SSD or SSI? One is "income dependent" which means that if there is a change in the household assets (she moves things in, has a car, etc.) it could change things. I think you might be asking about spousal benefits on an SSD claim? If so, I'm not aware of any benefits she would be entitled to.


Agree with Attorney Hogan, entirely dependent on if your benefits are SSI (will change with marriage) or SSD (will not change with marriage). I suspect you are getting SSD since your son is getting benefits, presumably auxiliary benefits only available under SSD. Either way, no she will not get a check.

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SSI is welfare disability. Getting married could cause a loss of SSI if your new spouse has income. SS Disability does not disqualify you if you marry someone with income. If your son is getting dependent SS due to your disability (which is 50% of your check), your new spouse will not also get this check.

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