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If I get a juvenile record expunged, is it destroyed forever? (Read Description)

Portland, OR |

I was charged with theft in third degree as a juvenile when i was 17, but the case was diverted and closed. I'm seeking a future in law as either a lawyer or law enforcement and I don't want this to show in my records. If I get it expunged will it be destroyed or will it still haunt me. Can anyone access these files? I'm currently 18 now

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Oregon's expungement law as it applies to juveniles actually requires the record in question to be destroyed. Expungement of a juvenile record requires filling out some paperwork at the Juvenile Court. You should contact the Juvenile Counselor where your case occurred, and the staff ought to be able to help you with the process.

Our office frequently provides representation to clients who are seeking to expunge their adult records of arrest and/or conviction. In the case of juvenile expunction, representation by an attorney is not usually necessary.