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If I gave a lawyer a retainer fee and I didn't sign a contract. Can I get my retainer fee back? I changed my mind about using

Detroit, MI |

I changed my mind about going forward with filing a case. I didn't sign a contract and she never started doing any work on my behalf. We met and discussed my issue and I told her the same day, I wanted to think about proceeding. Now, I dont want her services. Can i get back my retainer fee?

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Most likely yes, why not ask the attorney for a refund?


You should be able to get your money back. Put your request in writing so she has something for her file too. If you have any problems, you can contact the Attorney Grievance Commission (see link below).


Yes, you are entitled to your money back. Lawyers are not entitled to a fee if they have done no work. If you terminate the lawyer, he or she is only entitled to the reasonable value of your services. But this sounds like a situation that you should be able to work out amicably with the lawyer.