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If I formed my LLC in October of 2012, do I need to pay LLC fee for the year of 2012? Or just 2013, at the time of tax filing?

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LLC formed October 2012. Initial tax return in February 2013, with LLC tax fee payment for 2013.

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Yes. You have to pay the $800 tax for 2012 on 4th month of following year. April 15 2013


The State of California does not prorate your minimum tax payment of $800.00 per year, so yes, you have to pay the $800.00 for 2012.

I hope this is helpful.

John N. Kitta

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You need to pay the $800 fee for 2012.

You could have avoided that fee if you had formed the LLC on December 17 or later. Please see the post at the link below.

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You ALSO need to pay the $800 fee for 2013 on April 15th as CA requires this minimum tax due for current year by April 15th!

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