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If i file for bankruptcy will it clear all bebts includeing driver responsibilty fees?

Jackson, MI |
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I cannot guarantee you that filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will allow you to discharge all of your debts. Some kinds of debts are not eligible to be eliminated, such as restitution for criminal & quasi criminal offenses, and in certain cases, if you don't pay your fines, you can go to jail.

Many kinds of simple driving offenses can be eliminated in bankruptcy, but bankruptcy doesn't come with a guarantee.

Hope this perspective helps!


It depends on other facts, if bankruptcy will clear driver responsibility debts.

Debts which are considered criminal, as in fines, penalties and court costs, and many restitution charges, are more likely not dischargeable.

Debts which are closer to being civil deposits, fees or charges, are more likely dischargeable.

Debts arising from causing serious bodily injury or death, are not likely criminal, but are likely not dischargeable

You should consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, to see what kind of driver responsibility fees are involved.

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It's hard to say. It doesn't clear up "all", only most debts. some debts are in a grey area...that's why it's often useful to speak to an attorney.