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If I enter into a Domestic Partnership, can collectors go after the house my future DP purchased?

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My girlfriend and I want to enter into a domestic partnership at some point in the near future. She recently purchased a house. I have collections after me and am not on the deed of the house, or the loan. If I get sued, can they go after the house that she purchased before we entered into the Domestic Partnership? Will that be considered community property? What if she puts me on the deed? Thank you!

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After you enter into a domestic partnership, your creditors can reach both your separate and your community property to satisfy any debt that you are found legally liable to pay.

The act of entering into a domestic partnership will not by itself cause the house to be characterized as community property. However, once you enter into a domestic partnership, any contribution by either party to the house (unless you have a "pre-domestic partnership agreement") can create a community interest, to be divided the dissolution of the partnership.

It would be best for you to hire a local family law lawyer to discuss this matter in more detail. You and your partner should discuss a pre-domestic partnership agreement to protect assets.

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