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If I endorsed a check not made out to me, is the check void or can I salvage it and still give it to its intended owner?

Portland, OR |

I accidentally signed my name on the back of a check made out to someone else. I need to give that check to that other person but my name is in ink on the back. I was wondering if the check is ruined or if I can somehow fix the check. If I can't, can I deposit the check even though it's not made out to me if I have the owners consent?

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The correct payee should still be able to endorse the check and deposit it. Don't try to erase or obliterate your name -- that might look fishy to the bank, and they might not take the check.

The correct payee could probably sign the check over to you (making it a third-party check) but many banks won't cash those. If the payee owes you money, the best way to get it is to have him deposit the check into his bank, then withdraw money to pay you.

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