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If i drink a bottle of 1.5 arbor mist wine & i don't drive for 12 hours will the wine still be in my system for a baid breathliz

Glenview, IL |

if i drink a bottle of arbor mist & take a baid breath test 12 hours later will i fail the baid test

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This depends on your body size and amount of alcohol you drink and whether your body is accustom to drinking or not. Additionally if you have had anything to eat will effect this number.


There are so many factors that need to be considered that one can only speculate. Your weight and how much food you had in your system are just a couple of the factors. I think it is possible, but not sure at what level it would still be in the system.

Michael L. Doyle
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Too many factors are left out to answer this question with any degree of certainty. If in doubt, don't do it.

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