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If I do not feel like going to Quest or Lab Corp can I go to Accredited Drug Testing in Orlando for a court ordered drug test?

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I live in Orlando right next to Accredited Drug Testing. Is this drug testing center an appropriate place to get a court ordered drug test rather than going to another facility? I am not on probation and this seems to make more sense as it is close to my house. Does anyone have a list of drug testing facilities for this purpose? The address is 2750 Taylor Ave Ste A, Orlando, FL 32806.

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You should contact the court to see if they are approved. If so, then yes. Hope that's helpful


If the judge did not specifically order it be Quest or Lab Corp for testing, then you can have it done at ADT.

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Steven are you familiar with them? This is their web address

Stephen George Henderson

Stephen George Henderson


Yes, but they are more expensive and you probably need the 10 panel drug test, which runs about $50 with them.


If your are on probation then call your PO; if you are on pre-trial release then call pre-trial services or your bondsperson; If you are in PTI / diversion then you need to ask the State (note that if you have a lawyer then s/he should be asking this question for you).

The bottom line is that you need permission from whomever is supervising you (not from cyber-lawyers).

I hope that I have been helpful in answering your question.

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