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If i co-sign a loan for a car for my step son and he has an accident and the damages exceed the coverage of his insurance am i

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am i also liable for damages that exceed his insurance coverage, will they sue me or my estate because he is so young and has little or no money, also will my wife and her money be liable because we are on our accounts jointly

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if your name is on the title as a coowner you may be responsible. you should contact the insurance company adjuster or lawyer. you should also consider hiring your own lawyer to protect you. your wife and your joint accounts will not be subject to taking unless your wife is also a coowner of the vehicle.see a lawyer and make sure you are protected

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You may be liable, yes. This is why we should all have a minimum of 100/300 coverage, with an umbrella up to 1m for a marginal amt.

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Do you have your own auto insurance policy? Is this car listed on your policy as well? Do you have umbrella coverage? No one can provide an accurate answer with limited information.

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In addition to the very good answers you have received, I want to add that there is a cause of action known as 'negligent entrustment'. Just the fact that you have posted the question at least raises the potential that you have admitted to one of the crucial elements, which is that you know of potentially dangerous propensities.

While we could go back anf forth for hours as to whether this in fact would apply in your scenario, my recommendation is to call your insurance agent and get increased coverage. No one saves in the long run by buying cheap insurance.

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As long as you do not have an ownership interest in the vehicle, but merely are helping to pay for the vehicle, you should not have liability in Florida for an accident caused by the owner. Florida considers vehicles to be "dangerous instrumentalities" and imposes liability on owners or part owners of a vehicle.

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