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If I can't pay my the traffic ticket I'm already late for, can I go to jail?

Bellflower, CA |

I ran a red light and a policeman ticketed me. I had no money to pay the $461 fine so I filed for an extension. The extension date passed and I still didn't pay the ticket. Now I'm being arraigned.
Can I go to jail for this? If I went to jail, would I have to pay for the ticket, also? If I pay the ticket, will that keep me from having an increase in auto insurance or points against me on my driving record? What do you think I should do?

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Traffic infractions do not carry any jail time. However, if you have failed to appear the court could add a misdemeanor VC 40508, failure to appear charge which could carry jail time. A red light violation does carry points on your license and your insurance rates could go up. You should try and fight your ticket or obtain traffic school if possible. You will have to pay the entire fine and traffic school fee off before you can take traffic school.