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If I can prove father is neglecting kids and has a drinking problem will he lose his rights?

Ellabell, GA |

My ex husband has a severe drinking problem. He parties nearly every night; and even on weekends when he has our daughters. He has supervised visitation, but he leaves them to party and comes home drunk to them. On top of that he has a DUI he received recently. He is constantly going out when he has them. His family (the supervisors) are not supervising him with the girls. He has missed our oldest daughters birthday due to partying; and he is going to miss our youngest's first birthday because he is going to Atlanta with friends to party. On top of all of that, I have proof he exposed himself in public at a party when drunk. Would he lose his rights over this if I have REALLY good proof? Or at least would I be able to modify the visitation to NOT be overnight visits?

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In my opinion you could mount a very compelling argument on this if you can actually prove and get admitted into evidence what you say. So, the answer is yes it is possible.


The remedy is usually not losing rights, but rather to modify visitation in a way that protects the children. If his visitations are supervised that already may be the case. If the restrictions need rewriting, see a lawyer about modification. The facts you give, if proven, might give grounds to alter visitation.

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