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If i bought something for free and it turns out to be a mistake on the seller's part, can the seller charge me more?

San Diego, CA |

I found and purchased a product online that had no price. I clicked "checkout" the product turned out to be $0.00. The receipt was emailed to me stating the total of the product plus shipping are $0.00. If this is the seller's fault for not listing the correct price, does the seller have the right to suddenly change their listing?
Also, there are many products on the website that have a price listed. The products I purchased did not have a price and given by the total of the checkout, the price was $0.00

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Maybe. This will be covered under the law of "mistake." Depending on all surrounding facts, it could go either way...


It may be that the listing was some sort of error, especially if the item that was something one would normally expect to pay for. If that is the case, the seller may be able to refuse to deliver on the grounds of either unilateral or mutual mistake. More information would be needed. You may need to consult with a local attorney to see what options you might have.

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