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If I bought my home 3 years ago in a short sale. And old owners family member wants to buy it is it legal to go so

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Want to sell my house I bought in short sell to previous owner family member.

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Yes, you may sell to a family member of the prior owner.

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So long as there arrangement was not in place at the time you purchased the property, there is no restriction on such transfer. Even if such arrangement had been agreed upon when you brought the property, ii is unlikely to ever be picked up or challenged.

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Aboslutely, as long as it was not premeditated, you shoudl be fine.

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All the short sale agreements that I've seen prohibit the resale of the property to the seller, or a party related to the seller, for a period of time. I've never seen one that restricts such resales for a period of 3 years, but I suppose it's possible. You (or, preferably, an attorney) need to read closely the terms and conditions placed by the bank on the prior short sale to make sure this is okay. Though I doubt a bank would go after anybody, it's a risk you'd rather not take. Plus, you may not be able to get title insurance on the current transfer (or have a claim denied) if it's not resolved.