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If i bought a car, broke down within two weeks,transmission went out, bank called , figure out they did not smog the car.Help??

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i bought a car at the dealership, within two weeks my transmission went out.. i went to the dealership and told them to fixed it and they replied NO just because i did not have warrenty.. contact bb on them but they say they wouldnt do i was like okay what ever. now its been five months still making payments on my car that dont run. I got a call from the bank stating that my car does not have a title and that they did not smog the they did not smog the car before they sold it. what can i do???can i sue them or what ??? they cant do that>>>if it did past smog nothing wont go wrong but what can i do?

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Every state has a motor vehicle title law and almost all of them say that you are never the owner of a car until your name is put on the title to it. If your vehicle does not have a title, then legally you never really bought it. You should immediately see a local Consumer Law attorney and find out what your rights are before your rights expire and you are stuck. Call your local attorney bar association and ask for a referral or you can check this web site page where there is a national list of consumer law attorneys, including lots in California: