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If I blew a .11 is there any way that I can beat my DUI charge?

Rocky Mount, VA |
Attorney answers 3


Getting a continuance should be no problem. Just request this when you appear in court. You need an attorney to beat a DUI charge. Get one familiar with the court and DA's office where you got the ticket.


First, hire an attorney. The best way (in my opinion) to "beat" a DUI is to show the officer violated your 4th amendment right against illegal searches. In other words, the reason he or she pulled you over was for a BS reason! Depending on your situation, you may have been pulled over for a very good reason (tail light out, swerving...) etc. Your attorney should be able to give you a better read once he or she has all the facts... but YES! DUI's are "beatable!"


A breathalyzer reading of .11% BAC is certainly in the range of marginal - and therefore "beatable". Note however that most jurisdictions have long since reduced the minimum reading for DWI/DUI from .10% down to .08%. Therefore an experienced attorney would need to identify additional factors in making a case for a reduction of the charge or acquittal. As far as your other question, simply indicate to the court that you are hiring an attorney and your adjournment request dhould be granted. Courts sstrongly prefer that defendants have a lawyer and will generally grant such an application.

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