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If I am traveling internationally with a warrant in another state will I be allowed back In arrested when i do go through?

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I had a dui in 2010 and didn't finish all my classes therefor leading toa. Warrant for my arrest in florida. If I am traveling internationally out of SFO will I be arrested when I come back in and brought back to florida? Or will they not stop me for this? Do they only look for warrants in the state you are traveling?

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While it is entirely up to the discretion of the particular state, generally States do not extradite on a misdemeanor, which I will assume your dui was. However, you never know for sure with matters such as this. But my bigger question to you is...if you can afford to travel internationally, why not hire counsel to take care of your matter in Florida so that you don't have to have this hanging over your head?


I think they only check the state the DUI was in and where the warrant was issued. You need to go back into court, lawyer up and finish your classes. You will need to do this anyway if you want a license to drive! You'll eventually get picked up on the warrant and if you're driving you will have an automatic VC 14601.2.

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If it was a misdemeanor DUI involving misdemeanor probation, you could probably post bail if they arrest you when you return to SFO. However, it is highly advisable that you hire a lawyer in Florida and resolve the warrant. You will most likely be able to finish the DUI program in California if that is the only violation of probation.

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