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If I am summoned to appear in court, is it necessary or not, I do not feel I should have to go without pay that day for someone

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I witnessed a fight and was summoned to court but I do not feel I should have to go if It is not for me, and I am going to be out my money for the day. If it was a subpoena I may understand because I was a witness but a summons?

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In many courts, witnesses receive nominal fees but are not entitled to compensation for missed work. ON the other hand, you cannot be fired for missing work. Unfortunately, if you have been summoned to testify, it is your civic duty to do so.

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Your summons is a lawful order of the court requiring you to appear. This is not "an invitation". It is legal process and you can be held accountable for your failure to appear. Court appearance fees are allowable for witnesses. It depends on what jurisdiction you are appearing in as to how you would be paid for your absence, however, it is rarely equal to a regular day's pay.

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