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If I am sexually assualted, how long after the incident can I still prosecute?

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If I am sexually assualted, how long after the incident can I still prosecute?

I have very little understanding of legal terminology, so let me try to give a basic outline of my question.

I was sexually abused by a family member as a child, but did not take steps of legal action due intimidation and ignorance of potential avenues of help. Can I still take legal action as an adult? In my situation, this occured repeatedly from 1992 until 1999.

I am concerned about this issue because I have reason to believe that this person also assaulted a sibling and a family friend after I moved away from the family; this sibling and friend have lately expressed to me a similar lack of knowledge about whether they are able to prosecute some years later.

What if any options do I have?

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You should still easily be within the statute of limitations for the State to prosecute. Go to the police department and make a report of the behavior.

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What happened to you and the other two was a tragedy. For the sake of protecting others in the future, if for no other reason, make a report. The statute of limitations for prosecuting your case probably has not passed. Even if it has, law enforcement and others need to know about this guy. Depending on the circumstances, you or the others may also have a civil cause of action against this person.

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