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If I am out before my eviction court date will it go on my record? And if I want to tell my side of story how should I approach

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Long story short me and my bf who is my child's father moved into his cousins house his cousin kinda forced us in here giving my bf a job saying rent will b paid cuz he be the one writing checks , and also made a deal for him to fix up house 2 take rent off, well he ended up firing him 2 days before Xmas we haven't paid rent since Jan. I was on maternity leave n bed rest had a csection n couldn't go back to work plus my bf broke my car my phone, tried to make him go to job family services for cash assistance to pay bills and he didn't even complete that then a situation happened and I got a protection order on him, now hes back wrking for his cousin n they r evicting me cuz i didnt go to church w him to try to work it out b4 this i had my own apt a job car everything he has never lived on

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If you lose the eviction case then it could be put on your record. Assuming the landlord reports it. The only way to tell your side of the story is to retain an attorney who can put you on the witness stand and ask appropriate questions. However, I warn that telling your side may be irrelevant. The only thing that matters in an eviction case is the lease terms themselves. If no written lease there is some presumed sections that would apply. My office has handled these types of issues in Dayton.

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