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If I am on unsupervised probabion for a DUI can I leave the state?

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I'm sorry but you said unsupervised, then you went said "paid my fines and one my supervised probation." If that second statement is a typo, and you are unsupervised, there should be no reason that you can't go wherever you want. I'm not licensed in TN but if you call a local criminal defense attorney, or refer to your terms of probation, unsupervised means you are on your own to comply with probation. Don't break the law, that kind of thing is common, but staying in the state without leaving usually isn't a term of DUI probation. Just remember if you are attending a class or doing any community service, or anything that you still have to do for the case must be done and proof turned in to the court or probation. Again, I don't know what specific terms you had to do for probation. Good luck!

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Yes you can move if you are on unsupervised probation. Unsupervised probation means that you must only meet the conditions of your probation and there usually is no requirement of reporting just completing the terms of probation. I would check with the court you are on probation with to see if you have met all the conditions of your probation before you move so you won't have to come back to the court to explain why you have not finished all your conditions. Now if you were on supervised probation and you have meet all your conditions but they placed you on tracking/unsupervised probation then you have to have permission from them before moving out of state. I would check with a criminal defense attorney in your area to get the specifics on how the court handles such a matter.


If "unsupervised" the answer is yes.
If "supervised" ask your PO.
You put both in your question.

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If you were convicted in Davidson County General Sessions Court, then you may leave the state. You are required to comply with the terms of your probation:
* don't get re-arrested;
* complete an alcohol safety school;
* perform 24 hours community service work;
* complete a victim-impact program.
As long as you comply with those requirements, you may live anywhere you like and you may travel anywhere you like.

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