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If i am on ankle monitor and i walked out of the house. What could be possible consequences. I already served 40 hours.

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I was on ankle monitoring and i walked out of my house. I got picked up by a cop but served 40 hours. I have court coming up and im wondering the consequences that i could face.

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This is a duplicate thread to the one below. My answer was:

You are facing being sent to jail for the remainder of your original sentence. You are probably also facing a probation violation if you were put on probation at the time of your sentencing (there is a defense to this if your probation was to commence upon release - this depends upon what the judge said at your sentencing and what made it into the judgment). You could face a contempt charge if not a probation violation. I would seek the advice of an attorney before going to court because you could be jailed at your court date and I have seen a lot of folks get an extra month or more for walking away from an alternative to incarceration.

An attorney can check for defenses that would make the state unable to convict you but they might also be able to search for technical problems in how you were approached or charged that could get you out of this even if the evidence is otherwise there. Do not post any more details about your case here. Instead, male a few calls and get a local attorney's advice before you go to court. Best of luck to you!

Justin N Rosas

Justin N Rosas


As an aside, I won a hearing on this exact issue within the last month on the basis of a Constitutional objection to the manner the State was attempting to convict my client. Despite his leaving the work center, he was acquitted of his probation violation.


That answer depends on the underlying case and the reason you were placed on the monitor, it it's an alleged VOP, you may end up facing up to the statutory maximum. Contact a local attorney as soon as possible.

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There is no right or wrong answer to this question until your lawyer knows the situation. Is there an allegation that you have violated your release? Then you are facing a revocation of that release until your case is resolved. Condition of probation? Then you are looking at a revocation of your probation, and a jail sentence up to the maximum allowed for the crime you were convicted of. Diversion or deferred sentence? Then obviously you are looking at a conviction for the crime you plead to. You need to speak with the lawyer who represented you on this case, or a criminal defense lawyer familiar with the court and the judges in the jurisdiction where your case is located.

Good luck! You might be okay if you can show that it was an inadvertent or de minims violation.