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If I am few day late on my car payment can my car be repossesed?

Bixby, OK |

I have been consecutivly late on my car payment however I have never been more that 8 days late and it ussually only 2-4 days late. I always notify the loan company and they always just ok thats fine. Can they sneakily repo my car without prior notice. I have read lots of bad things about the company on the internet and now I am worried about the security of my car loan.

The lender is Westlake financial services and they seem to be incredibily shady in their dealing I just do not trust them at all. BUt I am stuck for another 2 years...

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Most lenders will repo anytime after 30 days. But the right to repo is in the contract, and it depends on what your contract says. So if you can find the darned thing, take it out & read it!

BTW, being late, even by a few days, on your car loan is very bad on your credit! It will make it just that much harder to get another car loan in the future. Try making some lifestyle changes that can free up some cash for you.

Sounds too hard? I have actually published a legal guide on this topic. I have linked it below.

Hope this perspective helps!


Since you are in Oklahoma, I thought you might like to hear from an Oklahoma attorney. The advice you have been given is accurate for Oklahoma. The best answer is: It depends on what your loan agreement says. Most say that if you don't pay on time, they can declare the entire balance due and foreclose. The more likely they are to recover all their money, the more likely they are to repossess the car. Most loans also have provisions that say that their waiving your breach of contract (by not paying on time) does not mean they are prevented from enforcing the same provision at another time. The bottom line: try to pay on time.

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