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If I am 20 and my girlfriend is 16, can i be charged with a felony?

De Pere, WI |

My girlfriend and I are happily together and want to try for a kid. She will be 16 and I'm going to be 20. With parental consent is okay for us to try? And me not having to worry about getting charged with a felony?

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WI STAT 948.02(2) says if she is not yet 16 and you have intercourse it is a class "C" Felony.

If the parents don't act then they fall under 948.02(3) and it is a class "F" felony.

Further, even if you were married it still is against 948.02(4).

So, my answer is NO not until she is 16 at least.


Even after 16 it is a misdemeanor until the age of 18


Both answers are correct. See the following link:

Good luck!


Don't do it!