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If filing a concurrent application (Form I-130 & I-485), is the applicant still required to pay $85 for biometrics?

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Based on the preceding question, filing of G-325A is required for filing I-130 and doesn't require a "stand alone" fee. It's included in the $420 filing fee. However, filing of I-485 does require a fee of $85 for the biometrics. Can someone please clarify? Thank you.

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$420 for the I-130 and $1070 for I-485 if biometrics required (ages 14-79 require it, if not in this age group, then I-485 fees are $985. Good luck with the application.

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For the I-485 you need to file a fee of $1070 so your application will be accepted. It is best to consult an immigration attorney.

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The $1070 filing fee for the I-485 includes $85 for biometrics.

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