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If DOMA is repealed, could i process a Fiance Visa for my girlfriend?(same-sex marriage)

Atascadero, CA |

Im from California and a U.S Citizen. if DOMA is repealed will the state of California recognize filing of a fiance visa for my girlfriend? because far as i know California does not legalize gay marriage but if DOMA passes could i process a fiance visa for her?

if not could i move to a different sate where they legalize Gay Marriage when the DOMA is repealed and take residency for example in vermont or new york there and file for a fiance visa for my girlfriend?

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It is probably too early to take action contingent on DOMA being repealed. It is not a sure thing that DOMA will even be repealed and much too soon to know the consequences on immigration law. There are simply too many factors involved to know for sure. If and when the time comes, consult an experienced immigration attorney for advice and guidance.


Please see the answer to your other question.

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