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If divorced does ex-wifes name need to be removed from life insurance?

Detroit, MI |

I have been remarried a year since my divorce but I just found out my company did not remove my ex from my life insurance as beneficiary. If something would happen to me would it automatically go to my new wife or my ex?

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While it is possible that there is some specific law or doctrine in your state that would prevent your ex-wife from receiving your life insurance benefits, that is very unlikely. You can name anyone to be a life insurance beneficiary, and until you change it to your current wife, chances are those benefits would go to your ex. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to change beneficiaries (usually with something called a Designation of Beneficiary" form).

In any event, I would certainly go ahead and change it.


You should immediately redesignate your beneficiary on your life insurance policy unless any current court order requires this designation to secure support.

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