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If deferred sentencing is revoked and you are sentenced to time, do they terminate the unsupervised probation as well?

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I was on deferred sentencing for DUI/minor possession marij pending completion of a 2 year treatment program. I landed another charge and my deferred sentencing was revoked and I was sentenced to 30 days for the charges. Since deferred was revoked does that most likely mean my unsupervised probation was terminated along with the deferred sentencing? I understand you can't give definitive answers without knowing allll the details, but what I'm asking is what is typical. I have a public pretender as I couldn't afford a lawyer and treatment, so please, help me out with opinions and/or advice here :)

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Most likely probation was terminated. You can ask the court clerk.


Since you have a lawyer I think it would be improper to answer that question without your lawyer's permission


Ask your public defender; that is what he or she was appointed for. They handle that sort of a situation every day.

Answers are based upon information provided by the writer. An in-depth response can only be based upon by consulation with a licensed attorney practicing in the area the questions concerns.


If your deferred sentence was already revoked the court should have made your probation statuts clear at the time the 30 day sentence was imposed. If, however, you you are uncertain, go to the front counter at the courthouse and ask a clerk. He or she will be able to answer that question.

That being said, it is unlikely that supervised probation would be ordered unless you are in an active treatment program. And if it was ordred, the judge would have told you to report to probation within a short period after your release from custody.


I agree with Mr. Blair that the terms of your probation should have been made clear to you. Since this is probably a District or Municipal Court matter, "active" probation, in many jurisdictions, is typically ordered when treatment of some sort still needs to be monitored. But like many of the other answers indicate, you should contact your attorney immeidately and get to the bottom of this. You certainly don't want to be missing any probation appointments.

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