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If convicted of social security fraud once a person reaches retirement age can they receive social security benefits?

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my father was convicted of social security fraud and has to pay 63,000 dollars in restitution. He is in poor health and will not be able to work much longer. He is 56,

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It depends. There are several types of fraud. These include but are not limited to furnishing false identifying information on your application for Social Security or for the maintenance of Social Security, furnishing false information to increase your Social Security payments, making a false statement when determining Social Security eligibility, making a false statement about the amount of wages and the period of time those wages were paid, and using another person's Social Security payment. Penalties for committing Social Security fraud depend on the crime committed, in addition to a civil money penalty. The civil money penalty is not more than $5,000 for each benefit received during the commission of the fraud. If an individual is otherwise qualified he or she may receive Social Security benefits, however if that individual owes Social Security restitution or similar, Social Security will reduce the benefit amount paid to the recipient and retain the remainder of the benefits to repay the debt.

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