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If collection agency cannot provide proof of services from 12yr.old hospital bill, can they still sue me for the bill?

Topeka, KS |

I cannot recall the hospital visit, nor do I remember ever being billed for the services. The collection agency cannot provide an itemization of services, which I have requested multiple times. I am leery of paying for services that there is no proof of. Judgement was filed 10 years ago, (without my knowledge) so the collection agency claims they still have a right to sue and are threatening to garnish my wages. Can they do that? And isn't there a statute of limitations in Kansas that prevents them from coming at me 10 years later?

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You say they are threatening to sue you but you also mention a judgment against you. If you have no judgment against you don't even think of paying off this debt. The statute of limitations for this in Kansas is 5 years. If there is a judgment, they have up to 15 years to enforce it. Get a copy of the court file and check the sheriff's return. If it is not proper you may be able to vacate the judgment.

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