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If charged with Simple Assault and Harassment in PA (against a minor)..what is the possible outcome?

Camp Hill, PA |

My ex wife is being charged with one count simple assault and one count harassment for an incident that happened during her supervised visitation with our daughter. She grabbed her by the arm and drug her out of the car to the other side causing bruises where she proceeded to grab her by the face/throat and yell and swear in her face while 5 witnesses watched. One of the witnesses did call the police and the police are charging her with the simple assault and harassment. This happened in PA. What is she likely facing if convicted of the charges? She had a prior harassment charge against her dropped/closed and has had to go through ARD classes for welfare fraud..hope this information helps you to answer. Thanks!! PS: My daughter is 12 and her sister who is 8 was in the car as well. Thanks!!!!!!

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The best way to assist your wife is to help her secure an experienced criminal defense attorney. If she cannot afford a private lawyer, she should apply for a public defender. Good luck.


While I agree with Mr. Keller's advice in terms of what your ex needs, my strong sispicion is that your not motivated by a desire to help her under the circumstances. My response is accordingly premised on a belief that you feel your ex needs/deserves punishment. On the posted facts that's where my sympathies would lie. Predictions about punishment are impossible without very detailed information about the crime, defendant's entire background, the judge, and the prosecutor. The situation seems to beg for real punishment, but that will be determined by people and forces larely beyond your control. You can/should make known to police/prosecutor/judge what your feelings are in the matter. Start with making yourself perfectly clear to the police and work from there.


i answered this on same answer. I don't know the court dynamics-judge, DA, etc., out there in camp hill. if I had to guess, no jail time, but it is possible. your wife needs a good lawyer to explain her situation to the judge and should have a good record of therapy/parenting sessions before she appears before the judge.

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