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If cases are expunged when fingerprints are ran, will the arrest still show up?

Corpus Christi, TX |

came home one evening to my teenage daughter having a party, police showed up before I could run them all off; i was arrested for contributing; PI and interfering with police business; case still pending -

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No, if the expunction is done correctly, they will not show up. The expunction order specifically directs the arresting agency to delete or return all records relating to the arrest (fingerprints included). This is why it is important to have an experienced attorney handle your case because they will make sure all records are covered. Good Luck.


This question is pre-mature since the case is still pending. If the case gets taken care of in a way that permits expunction, and if you then take the action needed to get it expunged, it is not supposed to show up on a background check. But, for now, you need to be getting a good criminal defense lawyer to deal with the charge you are facing.

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