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If car insurance lapses in state of VA and DMV has requested proof of insur. or pay $500 fee, what can I do to not lose license?

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If your auto insurance lapses in the state of VA and the DMV sends a letter requesting proof of insurance or pay a $500 non-insured motorist fine, is there a way to avoid losing license if you can't pay it in the 30 days given to pay it? I have insurance now but I don't think it was effective as far back as the date requested on the letter. I am unemployed and have no way of coming up with that much money that fast. I also have been unable to drive the car for quite some time because it isn't working. As a result, I didn't even think to re-insure the car right away because I can't drive it. I am panicking and don't know what to do. If I request an administrative hearing, what kind of information do I need to provide to keep my license from being suspended? Does anyone know? Thanks for

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Your question requires an answer by a Virginia attorney. This sounds like a law or regulation that is unique to Va.
You might send in the insurance you currently have and maybe they will not notice the date or else give you a break since you have current insurance. If you are allowed to have an administrative hearing, then definitely ask for one. However, you would want an attorney to handle it for you.
Be aware of the possibility of even more trouble coming. For instance if you get a license suspension, then not only will you have to pay a fine, but you will then probably have a reinstatement fee, plus other administrative penalties. Further it could cause the cost of your insurance to increase.
All the above are reasons you need to get an attorney involved.



Thank you for your reply!


If your vehicle is not operable, then you can turn your plates in to DMV. There is no requirement to insure a vehicle which is not registered and not issued license plates.I question the need for insurance if the vehicle is not operable. If you have insurance and provided proof to of such to DMV, you have complied with the law and DMV will not suspend license. If you do not provide proof of insurance of a registered vehicle, DMV can suspend your operator's license, registration cards and license plates pending the furnishing of proof as required.