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If both myself and my 18yo daughter are on her car title, am I liable if she is in an accident?

Madison, WI |

I just bought a used car for my 18yo daughter and it is currently titled in both our names; we both have individual car insurance policies. I am concerned that if she were at fault in an accident, I could also be sued since the car title is also in my name--is this correct? Should the car be in her name only to relieve me of any liability?

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Yes, the car should be in her name only.

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In Georgia, a parent can only be held lliable for a child's negligence under the Family Purpose Doctrine, which is law in some other states. I am not sure what the law is in Wisconsin. Under Georgia, if the parent provides the car and insures it for the child and lets her use it for family purposes and she causes a wreck, the parent could be liable. Title ownership is not a key factor, but could be one of several factors to look at. Generally, if you dont live together, and you don't provide the car to her for family purposes, you are not liable for her wrecks.

Consult a Wisonsin lawyer but this should give you an idea.

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