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If being charged for possesion of dangerous drugs, but actually got the charge over a year ago and its for pills that i did not

Chandler, AZ |

know what they were and were in my possesion only because i had a headache and a friend told me here take these. When i looked at the pills and did not recognize them to be any type of regular aspirin i then just threw them in my purse and had later forgotten about them. I am a felon and have also had prior drug convictions but never for pills, i am not a pill popper nor do i or have i ever delt with pills. So i am wondering if you would be able to calm my nerves somewhat and possibly let me know what kind of outcomes are possible in this case?

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Sorry, not enough information to answer this and believe that you need to ask your lawyer as it appears you are currently represented. Good luck.

Any response given is not to be taken as legal advice or to create an attorney client relationship.


In most jurisdictions drug possession must be knowing and intelligent, but unfortunately the court isn't just going to take your word for it. I know we're taught that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but in practice, you'd have to prove that you didn't know what the pills were. Proving a negative is pretty hard. Hopefully there are other defenses available to you, but regardless you need to contact and Arizona criminal defense attorney, at least for a consultation.


The first thing is the likely possibility of you being able to win your case. Remember the state has to prove you did it. You do not have to show you did not do it. Having said that, what you are looking at depends on the felony class level, if you were on probation when the offense occurred and your prior history. A lawyer could look at all these facts and give you some direction. Give one a call and see what they say.

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