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If an underage immigrant is caught crossing the border, would they be released to an undocumented family member?

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This underage person has family in the USA but they are undocumented as well. They do not have run ins with the law, but they do not have legal residency status. If she were to get caught by ICE upon her entrance to the USA and they allow her to be relased to a sponsor, would they release her to a family member who is undocumented? Would this put the family member in danger of getting deported?

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You should discuss this with a local immigration attorney.

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Border Patrol and ICE generally release unaccompanied minors to immediate and responsible relatives including those who do not have U.S. immigration status.


It is not uncommon for unaccompanied minor to be released to undocumented relatives. Whether this will put family member in danger is hard to predict. I have seen cases where no harm came to the family members, but ICE has their own priorities for arrests and any interaction with immigration authorities holds some danger for undocumented aliens.

Speak with an attorney in private to determine the best course of action for your family.

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