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If an immigration officer takes you to a room and questions you at the airport have you been detained?

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If an immigration officer beleives that you are coming to America to live and takes you and questions you and you are denied entry and your visa revoked did you committ a crime or an offense? Were you detained ?

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No you did not commit a crime. Immigration law is civil and not criminal. The fact that the officer stopped you at the airport, questioned you, revoked your visa and denied entry is not a criminal offense. However, the revoking of the visa and denial of entry have immigration consequences that may impact your ability to obtain a visa or re-enter the U.S.

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I agree with my colleague.

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1) The moment you are not free to leave you are detained.
2) As far as your second question, it depends on the reason of the revocation.

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The visa was revoked because the officer believed the person was coming to Ammerica to live.


Not a crime and not detained in the sense of being put in jail. But you would need to review what paperwork was given to you. Consult a lawyer if in doubt.

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